WatchApp #3: Imke.

If you've been part of a family long enough, you'll notice that each member of the family has a little bit of craziness. Except you yourself. (Alessandro Fantucci)


The eight-year-old daughter of the Vercauteren family, Imke, starts a family chat group that no one wants. Father Alexander (Filip Peeters) recently left the family to live in Malta with his mistress Marloes (Jennifer Heylen). Wayward mother Gerda (Barbara Sarafian) then tried to keep the family together, but the two oldest children (Lynn Van Royen and Bjarne Devolder) soon fled the house. The youngest child Imke (Renée van Cauwenbergh from, among others, 'Red Light') tries to bring everyone together around the virtual table again. But then things go really wrong.


Follow this exciting family thriller for two and a half weeks, during which the Vercauteren family takes matters into their own hands to find a missing family member. A race against time in a world full of disinformation, unsavory practices and deception.


Mathijs F Scheepers leads a host of high profile actors and once again pushes the boundaries of the virtual stage with his third digital adventure.


Peter De Graef, author of legendary plays such as “Henry”, “Zoals de dingen gaan” and “Stanley”, enthusiastically threw himself into this new format and wrote the screenplay for “IMKE”.


IMKE. is a WatchApp.

As fascinating as LIVE television.

As tempting as looking inside the neighbours’ house.

As addictive as binge-watching.


Follow this story in real time, exclusively through the specially designed SKGN app. Just find it in the App Store or Google Play Store, and then on your mobile phone! And with the push of a button, you are now directly in the popular Virtual Foyer, where you can chat with other subscribers...


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CONCEPT AND DIRECTION: Mathijs F Scheepers / TEXT: Peter De Graef / WITH: Filip Peeters, Barbara Sarafian, Lynn Van Royen, Bjarne Devolder, Renée van Cauwenbergh, Jennifer Heylen, Yves Degryse, Dave Sinardet, Clara van den Broek & Korneel Hamers / PRODUCTION ASSISTANT: Delphine Lippens / ON-SET PRODUCTION (STAGE): Dominika Kruszewska, Charlotte Gobin / COSTUMES: Barbara De Laere, Charlotte Willems & Evi Kelepouris / SET: Barbara De Laere / DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY AND CAMERA: Pieter Van Campe / CAMERA ASSISTANT: Magali Daems / 2ND CAMERA: Jonathan Wannyn / SOUND: Timothy Van Nieuwenhuysen / DESIGN: Lidia Nagibina / APP DEVELOPMENT: The Omnipresent World of Wizkids | OWOW Agency / BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND COORDINATION: Korneel Hamers / PRODUCTION: SKaGeN, De Studio, PerPodium / BACK-OFFICE: Deborah Van Haute, Simon Van Roosbroeck, Delphine Lippens, Hadewich De Prins, Ilja Antonneau / THANKS TO: Kurt Stallaert, Anaïs Wagner, Deborah Van Haute-Bloemen, Engel Doyen, Alex Noels, de Blikfabriek & Café De Seefhoek / WITH THE SUPPORT OF: The Flemish Community & De Studio