Bjarne Devolder, a young emerging artist, and Clara van den Broek, member of SKaGeN, met at the Antwerp conservatory: Bjarne was a student there and Clara van den Broek is head of training there.. Devolder invited Van den Broek to create a dialogue together. SKaGeN in turn asks Devolder to be part of the collective.

The two creators find themselves in an affinity with the mother-son relationship. TODAY I KILL YOU tells a universal story, in a form that reflects the complexity of this mother-son relationship in all its aspects: the love, the anger, the desire to get away, the fact of never getting separated, of needing each other, the fantasies that the relationship contains, the projections, the taboos, the unsaid, the excess of words, the self-loathing and the narcissism.

The performance does not take place in the privacy of a theatre, but in a parking lot, in a warehouse. Mother and son are on their way by car. They argue fiercely. They stop to talk about it. Talking about it lasts the entire show. Getting in and out of the car, not knowing where to start, where to go, where to return. Until they get somewhere. The viewer is witness to it.

CONCEPT: Bjarne Devolder / TEXT, PLAY AND DIRECTION: Bjarne Devolder & Clara van den Broek / COACHING: Valentijn Dhaenens / EXERCISE TIPS: Karel Tuytschaever / TECHNIQUE & FORM: Jeroen Wuyts & Eric Engels / PRODUCTION: Delphine Lippens / BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND COORDINATION: Korneel Hamers / IN COLLABORATION WITH: DeStudio & De Blikfabriek, Hoboken / WITH THE SUPPORT OF: The Flemish Community / THANKS TO: Rob De Graaf (text fragment) & Lucas Smolders


Fri 24/03/2023 - 20u00 CC Sint-Niklaas
Fri 12/05/2023 - 20u15 CC De Steiger Menen
Sat 27/05/2023 - 20u30 Hoeilaart
Fri 22/09/2023 GIST Zennevallei
Sat 23/09/2023 GIST Zennevallei