Sue me Motherfucker

A monolgue by Mathijs F Scheepers

About Hitler’s dog, a pregnant woman with a leaky belly and a revolver in the wrong locker. About a little boy born way too early with a battered left side, and a very quiet father next to him who seems to disappear in himself. About a mother who does not know what she did wrong.

Mathijs F Scheepers is back on stage with great enthusiasm, after the success of Garmish Partenkirchen, his 2018 monologue. In his new text SUE ME MOTHERFUCKER he tackles his desire for revenge, or French “vengeance”, because La Vengeance se mange avec patience and one can’t say that so neatly in Flemish...


Concept en performance:

Mathijs F Scheepers & Tim Clement

Light and sounddesign:

Tim Clement


Barbara Delaere


Mathijs F Scheepers

General Management:

Korneel Hamers

Sales and promotion:

Thassos, Antwerp


SKaGeN, ism Villanella & DEStdudio, met dank aan CC Strombeek en Martha Tenthatief