a tragicomedy based on Juli Zeh’s worldwide bestseller ‘Unterleuten’


By ministerial decision the sleepy village of Unterleuten gets an ‘opportunity’ to play a pioneering role in the latest of social evolutions: wind energy as the power source of the future. Although no one in the village has asked for it, windmills become everyone's new obsession. Driven by the pursuit of profit, self-interest, or good intentions, a hardly subtle struggle breaks loose in this micro society full of colorful characters. Decades old skeletons and newly fledged insights tumble over each other in a search for a relationship to the new capitalist ecology. Who’s better off? Perhaps the one who can best adapt to the new reality. The survival of the fittest, but with a  wrong green edge.


Concept en performance:

Valentijn Dhaenens, Korneel Hamers, Clara van den Broek, Mathijs F Scheepers, Lois Brochez, Sara Lam

Light and sounddesign:

Pieter Nys

Costumes & set desing:

Barbara Delaere

Based on the novel "Unterleuten" by Juli Zeh, translated by Annemarie Vlaming (Ambo Anthos). Adaptation by SKaGeN / Mathijs F Scheepers.

Production on set

Karen Van Peel


Clara Van den Broek


SKaGeN, icw Villanella & DEStdudio.


Supported by the Flemish Governement