Alexia Leysen & Valentijn Dhaenens

In more than 3500 pages the Norwegian Karl Ove Knausgård writes about the battle of his life. He attempts to transcend the banality of his small existence in search for meaning, armed with only words.

When God is dead and heaven is empty, KNAUS searches for what is of value in this universe. We see a struggling soul in the world of today, who keeps searching to find an answer to the ultimate question: "Who am I?" The show zooms in mercilessly on our deep human need to be seen.

KNAUS is not a classical book adaptation. Valentijn Dhaenens & Alexia Leysen searched for the universal value in this inspiring material and subtly intertwined the Norwegian story with glimpses of their own struggles and desires. Together they created a new, thought-provoking character that comes to life in front of the audience, with a phenomanal scenography in the background.

Over the past 10 years, Valentijn Dhaenens played several performances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. SKaGeN presented the successful shows Bigmouth, SmallWar, Unsung & Pardon! This year Dhaenens will return with the English version of the monologue KNAUS, directed by Alexia Leysen.


DIRECTED BY: Alexia Leysen / PERFORMED BY: Valentijn Dhaenens / TEXT: Alexia Leysen & Valentijn Dhaenens, based on Knausgård / SCENOGRAPHY: Stef Stessel  / DRAMATURGY: Mieke Versyp / TECHNIQUE: Thomas Vermaercke / PRODUCTION ASSISTENTS: Yuni Mahieu / PRODUCTION: detheatermaker, BRUT, Vooruit, Villanella / PRODUCTION INTERNATIONAL: Theatercollectief SKaGeN, DEStudio & Richard Jordan Productions LTD, detheatermaker, BRUT / WITH THE SUPPORT OF: Flanders Literature / THANKS TO: Greet Jacobs, Freek Vielen, De Nwe Tijd, Troubleyn, De Geus Editions and everybody of THE KNAUSGÅRD/HASSELBLAD SERIES


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